Music Program for the Very Young

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About Us

We seek to encourage curiosity and imagination inside a child, to awaken love for music and dance and make it part of their life.
Our program nurtures the love of arts and the invaluable social, aural and motor skills developed at an early age.

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You have to know how much my daughter adores both her teachers and enjoys music class just by her reactions alone. Her daddy is so proud that she has followed in his footsteps. Every week when I get home from work, she tells me all about class. I look forward to hearing many more tales of her mornings in music class. Thanks for sending me updates, it made my day. — Tara S

I love getting the teacher’s feedback on my son! I really appreciate it. I am glad to hear that he is an active participant in class. I know he really loves it. — Pauline S

My daughter loves to dance. She really enjoys this class. She gets very excited when we walk in the front door. — Ann S

My child loves music and she loves her teacher Stephanie!! Thanks for making her earliest exposure to music such a delightful and fruitful experience. It’s been really wonderful. – Joanna G

Your teachers are so sweet and I love reading the detailed email updates on my kids so thank you. Yes, they really enjoy this class as does our nanny! — Saroya F

My son certainly enjoys coming to see teacher Stephanie and Irina each week and we are thrilled that he seems to have such a love for music. Thank you for making it so much fun for him! — Megan J

Thanks so much, we have really enjoyed our time with you in music class. Stephanie is absolutely great with little kids! My daughter loves listening to her sing and, as you know, can’t stop dancing 🙂 Thanks again! — Deepal P

My son has really been enjoying your classes! He loves music, so being able to experience the instruments as well has been such a pleasure for him! We look forward to every class! — Beth B

Thank you for taking an interest in my daughter. Indeed she enjoyed the music class very much and as a parent, I enjoyed it watching her enjoy it. – Elena L

My daughter’s teacher loves to tell us heartwarming stories about our daughter. It has made me smile so much, I’m glad she loves music and am so happy that she has loving teachers. I sent the feedback to her grandparents and we all enjoyed it so much. I’ve noticed she really likes to hear the piano also. – Dorella M

My daughter seems to really just love music. I’m glad your teachers appreciate her freedom of expression and curiosity. I have to say you don’t always find classes in the city that let kids be free. Thank you! – Serena F

My son loves coming to music class! I’ve only been able to come to a couple classes, but our babysitter and my mom have always had wonderful things to say about the program and your teachers. We are excited that my son is so interested in music. Thank you for all of your work, and for making this class such a great experience for him and all of the other kids. – Sarah M

My son absolutely loves the class so I am glad it shows. I can’t believe the semester is coming to an end soon. – Rochelle T

My granddaughter loves her music class and enjoys looking at the many pictures I take of her delight and progress. It seems that she likes the cello very much and is riveted watching her teacher Sarah play. This week she even played what sounded like real notes. Sadly she has only one more class, and then the semester is over. It went by very fast but you have a very gifted teacher and we thank you for
introducing her to the joys of music and hope they will become part of her life. – Susan B

Your teachers are very sweet to write and provide some feedback! I know my son absolutely loves the class. I’m hoping to be able to make it to class tomorrow with him. – Maggie V

My wonderful inlaws love taking our daughter to your class. They’ve specifically said they hope to be in the one that Leslie teaches! – Dina P

My son loves his music class. He is always so excited on the day he has it. I also think he enjoys performing, he is not at all shy. I’m glad he has a good sense of rhythm. — Catherine D

It is so nice to hear about my son in class and the growth he has demonstrated over the past few months. We love your program and would definitely continue with it! – Hila R

Thank you for the most amazing dance instructor ever! We have cherished every minute of class with our daughter. We are your biggest fans. Our daughter is in complete awe. Your teachers are truly talented, she has influenced her growth in invaluable ways. We wish you all the best! – Jamie A

I hear about my son’s class every week and his nanny sends me pictures. He loves this class and his teacher Leslie! Thanks for making music class so special for him. – Margaret C

Our daughter has grown a lot through the class. It is the highlight of our week. – Ira P

I’m excited to continue attending your classes. My kids love Leslie’s class so we look forward to the next season! – Sarah D

My daughter and I were at class last week and it was a lot of fun! I really love the class and would definitely like to sign her up again at some point. – Stacey G

I was really sad that I couldn’t take my daughter myself to your class, but I heard wonderful things from my nanny. I would love to take her to additional classes next semester. Thank you again for making this a great experience for her. – Jenny B

It is great to hear updates about my daughter. She has taken up clapping and singing in religious services, which not all people enjoy. But we are glad she loves music. She has a lot of fun playing all the instruments in class. And her teachers are very nice and friendly. – Ellen B

My daughter has responded from day one not only to the program but to Stephanie as a teacher and my husband and I appreciate the attention she has been given. Thanks again for the world of music you so expertly open up to her and all the other children. I agree it is a positive tool for their developing minds and motor skills. – Christina M

We love your program! I think my kids are at their happiest at your classes. I definitely plan to take more classes. – Elise G

Thank you for always putting a lot of effort into your classes and to keep it a natural environment for the kids to learn. – Christine N

I absolutely love your class and so does my daughter! She looks forward to going to class every week when I sing her the Good Morning song. Your class is one of the reasons I am really sad that we will be leaving NY. – Cristina C

My daughter loves music class with you. It is a special place for her. – Robbin S

Thank you for your feedback about my son. He loves music – he’s ALWAYS singing and dancing. I got him a guitar and he loves to stand on the table and sing! – Kim S

My son does seem to love music. Walking has certainly brought so many fun changes so it’s always great to hear from his teachers how he is enjoying. – Janna G

Since our nanny takes our daughter to class, we don’t get to experience her enjoyment first hand. Thanks for the feedback, it has made our day. – Edna K

My son loves the music class. When he comes home after class, he imitates playing the instruments that were played in his class. I notice he is also trying to sing….it’s really cute. We are very happy to have Stephanie as a teacher! – Marli K

My daughter loves your class, and she has picked up various songs from the class and often sings them at home. And she also says she loves when the violin is played in class. – Sultana R


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Playing the cello
Age Appropriate Classes

Our classes engage babies ages 4-12 months in sing-along activities that introduce classical, folk and popular music. Teachers demonstrate musical instruments from the string, woodwind, brass and percussion families; and babies are given an opportunity to experience the sight, sound and touch of many orchestral instruments.

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W68th street.


Kids ages 1-2 years become more engaged in sing-along songs and musical games that focus on building their aural development. Teachers motivate children in activities that encourage meaningful movement and response to music. Children observe, listen and are given the opportunity to hold and experiment with their own miniature version of classical instruments of the orchestra as well as folk instruments like guitar, accordion and harmonica.

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W68th street.

Children are exposed to more sophisticated melodies and begin to rhythmically accompany the melodies on various percussion instruments such as the xylophone, triangle, maracas, tambourine and castanets. Playing on musical instruments like violins, recorders and harmonicas, kids have the opportunity to imitate their teacher in ensembles. Children start learning to interact, listen and work together as a cohesive group.

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W68th street.

Children are able to accompany songs and learn basic rhythm concepts through bongos, cowbells, wood blocks and other percussion ensembles. They enjoy singing their favorite songs and play in string ensembles using mainly the open strings. They also experiment with the melodic possibilities of the xylophone. Children develop a fine ear and are able to distinguish between sounds of different musical instruments such as violin, cello, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, harp and many more. Teachers show them how music is notated and help build an understanding of rhythm and note reading.

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W68th street.

This class is usually a small group where we develop our student’s skills while playing in instrumental ensembles such as strings and xylophones. This group is special in that the students build greater focus by playing music together. Within this group they not only pretend that they are musicians- they each become one! Students are given small homework assignments and at this age we convey to them the importance of regular practice. They are taught the symbols associated with music and various activities allow them to remember and understand music and also increase their interest and concentration. This class is designed to help children choose which instrument they want to pursue for private music instruction.

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W68th street.

Convenient Manhattan Location

48 West 68th Street Studio
(Columbus Ave and Central Park West)

To get there by subway:
1    to 66th Street or 72nd Street
2   3    to 72nd Street
B   C    to 72nd Street

Schedules & Fees
Please feel free to contact us (212) 877-7125 with any questions.
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Fall Semester September 6 to December 23

Fall 2022

2-3 years
2-3 years
3-4 years
3-4 years
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Summer Semester: September 6 to December 23
classes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
40% discount available for 2nd sibling / 2nd class a week

  Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri   Sat   Sun
May   2,9,16,23,30     3,10,17,24,31       4,11,18,25     5,12,19,26     6,13,20,27      
June   6,13,20,27     7,14,21,28     1,8,15,22,29      2,9,16,23,30      3,10,17,24       
July   11,18,25     12,19,26       6,13,20,27     7,14,21,28       1,8,15,22,29       
Aug   1,8,15,22,29     2,9,16,23,30     3,10,17,24,31       4,11,18,25     5,12,19,26        


Refunds, Discounts, and Makeups
What should parents and caregivers keep in mind when attending class?

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when attending our music classes:

1) You may arrive up to 15 minutes before your class time.
2) Food and drinks are not allowed in the studio.
3) Please feel free to take pictures of your child. However, taking videos is not allowed. This is to ensure the privacy of other families in class.
4) Shoes are not permitted in the studio. Adults are strongly encouraged to wear socks in class.
5) Teachers may be substituted by other teachers when necessary.
6) Please refrain from touching and removing instruments from their “homes” without the teacher’s permission and supervision.
7) If a child has any contagious ailment, parents are kindly asked not to bring them to class in order to keep the other children and adults healthy.
8) Feel free to park strollers in the lobby but please keep personal items with you. The studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
9) Kindly exit the studio promptly after your class. This allows us time for cleaning and prepping in between classes as well as for the next class to arrive.
10) It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to be in full control of their child’s behavior, providing a safe and productive environment for all children.

What is the right age to start learning music?

At MusiBambino, we believe in starting musical education as early as possible.

What is your refund policy?

Students withdrawing before the first class will receive a full tuition refund minus the registration fee. Prorated refunds will be granted only up to the 3rd scheduled class. The registration fee is non-refundable.

What if my child missed a class?

Students can make-up any missed classes in the session in which they are currently enrolled. Make-ups must be arranged by contacting the office: or (212) 877-7125.

Birthday Parties

Book the perfect birthday party for your child at MusiBambino!

Reserve your event at our studio. Have an unforgettable experience with your child singing their favorite songs and exploring many different instruments!

Please email our office at ..
We will be glad to answer all your questions.

News & Promos


We are CLOSED on Monday September 30th for Rosh Hashanah.

We are CLOSED on Wednesday October 9th for Yom Kippur.

Come join us for FALL 2019 Semester. Check out our schedule for availability. Feel free to email us at: or call us (212) 877-7125 with any questions.


50% promotional discount is available for 2nd sibling or 2nd class a week registrations.